We design stories to draw attention,
and animate them into captivating videos.

It’s more interesting to watch something than reading about it. Websites like YouTube and Vimeo have the numbers to show it: video is the way to go! But what is the purpose of a video when your audience loses interest after less than a minute?

Attract and KEEP attention!
Let us make your movies engaging, inspiring and
memorable so consumers will remember you!

Start engaging your audience today and bring your business to the next level. Contact us via info@whiteboardlab.com and we will have YOUR movie ready in no time.

Demo Videos

World Cup 2014
Demo Video
1min 06sec
Whiteboard Lab Video (Dutch)
Company Video
2min 46sec
More Demo Videos


1. Introduction.
Let’s get to know each other!

We want to get to know you before we start working on your whiteboard animation. Your project manager will be in touch to check the objective, length and style of the video. Once your requirements have been discussed in detail and sales agreement has been signed, development can begin!

2. Script, Conceptual Storyboarding & Screenplay

Need a hand with your whiteboard video script? We are here to assist you! Based on your input, we will come up with an engaging script that suits your whiteboard animation. Once the script has been approved, we move on to conceptual storyboarding. To get a better idea of the actual screenplay, you will get to see sketches of what will be drawn and where.

3. Final Artwork

Time for our illustrators to shine! Final artwork will be developed in the style you prefer and a detail overview of every scene will be provided. It is important to us that in every stage of development, we offer you the opportunity to give your feedback about the delivered work. We want you to be satisfied every step of the way!

4. Voice Over, Recording & Editing

By now we have reached the final phase of production. Choose your voice over and your whiteboard video will be recorded and edited into a fabulous animation! Mission accomplished!